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What is London Gaming Con? London Gaming Con is a fun and friendly gaming convention that takes place in the UK. It's aim is to bring something new to the video gaming scene and help to bring the video gaming communities together. It is run by fans for fans.

What are the prices? Lots of different options -
Saturday Pass - £10 (£13 on the door)
Sunday Pass - £8 (£10 on the door)
Evening Only Pass (6pm onward) - £4 (£5 on the door)
Accommodation - £19 a night

What do I get if I pay beforehand? Guaranteed Entry, Early entry at 10.30am and a free Conbook. Price is also less.

Can I not register and just pay on the day? Yes, you can. There is no need to pre-register or pre-pay for this. Note that we can not guarantee entry, but we will always make a front-page announcement if it looks likely we are going to sell out.

Why 18+ only? Due to the downstairs of the venue being a bar and due to it's licensing, we can only allow 18+ only to this event.

What are my options for accommodation?
You have two options for staying over. You can - 1. Stay with us at our hostel where we have a large group booking. Cost is low at just £40 for two nights and £60 for three nights due to it being a hostel and thereby dorm accommodation. It is about 5 minutes tube journey away from the venue, and you can book it with us when you register.
2. Book your own hotel. We recommend checking out allinlondon.co.uk, specifically hotels near holloway road. Of course, you can also check out the travelodge website for the best value hotel rooms. The closest you can find is the London Kings Cross which is about 1.5 miles away, which is about a 25 minute walk, or a short five minute tube-journey.

What time is the last tube back from the venue? The tube station closes at about 12:15am, so you should be able to stay until the end (ie: midnight) provided you leave quickly and your hotel is on the same line (so Kings Cross would be fine). If your hotel is further away, then to be safe, we would recommend leaving at about 11:30pm to guarantee you can get your connection.
Of course, if the worst comes to it, there are usually 24 hour buses at all times. We recommend checking out the journey planner on www.tfl.gov.uk (the official travel for london website). If you need help on the day getting back, then please ask our front-desk and we can help map out your route, or provide you with a taxi number if need be.

I have a problem, where do I go? To the ops & registrations desk at the front of the building where you first come in. We are also available via phone on 07786 246049

I'm cosplaying with a weapon that may be dangerous. Is this okay? Make sure to read the cosplaying rules here first. All weapons will be checked by the cosplay organisers and if they consider it as a risk to others we will send you to Ops where it will be stored. If you going to be part of the cosplay masquerade you will be able to pick it up but must return it to us to look after or keep it in your own room.

Registering In On the Day

I've paid, do you send me a ticket in the post? No, simply turn up on the day with a valid proof of ID and we will hand you your wristband, which will act as your pass to all areas.

What ID do you accept? Driver's License, Provisional Driver's License, Passport, Citizen Card. It MUST contain your photo and date of birth on it for it to be accepted.

Why do I need ID? To make sure that you are and that you are of at least 18 years of age.

Am I required to carry my ID around on me during the convention? Yes, since wearing your conbadge is not a completely thorough way of checking you are who you say you are (since badges can be swapped). As such, you will be required to carry your ID around on you if we deem an extra check is necessary.

How Do I Queue for My Wristband and get in? As you queue outside, our staff will walk through the queue with clipboards and wristbands asking for your ID, checking you off our list, and then issue your wristband, which will act as your proof of payment and entry - make sure not to lose or remove it! Once you have your wristband you do not need to queue and can go straight in. If you are issued with a two-day wristband and collected it on Saturday, you will not need to queue again for Sunday.

How do I collect my conbadge and t-shirt - Assuming you ordered and paid for them beforehand, the tables to pick up your conbadge and t-shirt are located in the downstairs bar in the side-room. Simply collect a raffle-ticket from there and wait for your range of numbers to be called to collect.

I've registered, but want to change my badgename/some of my details. How do I? This is no problem, just contact us via the contact form, and tell us what you wish to change.

Other On the Day Questions

Is there a place to store my luggage/bags? Yes, when you go upstairs into the dealers & events hall, there is a bag storage area to your first left next to the bar. Cost is 1 pound per bag or item.

Where do I sign up for events? There is an events & cosplay signup table next to the registrations/ops area. You signup for most events here, though some events such as the pub quiz you signup for at the event itself.


Can I get my own room, or is it dorms only? It's dorms only, each dorm being between 8 to 12 beds in size. This helps keep the price low and there is the added benefit that it leads to a very fun and social atmosphere. If noise is a problem, we have dorms which are smaller (ie: 6 beds) and specifically labelled as quiet with lights out by midnight. All of our dorms are exclusively ours.

Can I pick my dorm and who I stay with? Yes, topic will go up soon.

Is there a breakfast provided? Yes, a free continental breakfast (ie: toast, cereal, tea and juice) is provided in the dover-castle bar.

What is the price? The price is £39 for two nights (Fri/Sat), or £57 for all three nights.

How do I get accommodation? You signup for accommodation upon registering. That is at http://www.londongamingcon/register.php

Can I bring friends into the dorms? Visitors are NOT allowed to go up into the dorms. If you want to get into the dorms, you have to pay for a place.

Where is the hostel reception? That is located downstairs in the basement. As you enter, it's first on your right.

How do I get in and out of the hostel? How do I get a Dorm Key? To get into the hostel itself, you will be provided with a code which you punch in. For the dorm, you require a key. You can either be let in by your dorm-leader, or you can go down to the hostel reception and pay a £10 deposit to get your own key (we recommend doing this).

Is there a security locker to leave high-value items in? Yes, there are lockers downstairs in reception.

How do I meet up with all of you on Friday? We will all be meeting at Borough train station at midday to go onto the hostel. If you are arriving later or can not find us, make sure to call us on 07958 620946.

What is there to do on the Friday? The idea of the Friday is to have a day going around London enjoying ourselves. You can go give input on what you'd like to see done on the Friday HERE.

Does the hostel provide towels? You will need to bring your own towels, since the dorms are not ensuite.

What time are check-outs? You must be checked out by 10.30am on the day of your departure.